Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Have you been your own worst enemy? Sitting at your desk, doing your work, not raising your hand and hoping no one really pushes you to grow? Is it time to polish your brilliance and let people see who you are and what you can do? Read more

Do you want more resilience?

There are lessons that nature shows us every day. Lessons born from the innate knowing, biology and instincts of animals. If we pay attention, these animal “guides” or totems will show us through metaphor what needs focus in our lives. What could help to overcome an obstacle or block to progress and forward momentum.  Providing much needed inspiration, wisdom and beauty for a challenging time. The shamanic traditions recognize the wisdom and magic that can be found in the messages of animals, and they are just as present and applicable to our modern day culture when we pay attention.

I am writing in the days right after our Presidential election. Read more