The Mindset of Play

Learning How to be More Creative

I was reminded today in my meditation of the importance of play. Thought I would pass it along – lately I keep getting reminded that I am too serious these days. There is nothing like laughter and fun to boost those endorphins! Laughter is so amazing, and I am working at laughing more. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Working at laughing more. I think so, but silly is okay. Truth is that play and laughter feed our souls our creativity and our brains.

We all get so serious when we grow up.   Most things, while perhaps important, are really not as life-or-death as we feel them to be.   It is pretty simple, play and the open-minded, joyful, childlike mindset that comes with it are HUGE contributors to creativity. Creativity is what we all require to continue to evolve and succeed – even thrive – in this fast paced world.
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