Surviving the Pandemic: Seven Practices for Creating a Culture of Belonging

Practices for Creating a Culture of Belonging

A strong culture helps your team survive times of anxiety and uncertainty.

Have you ever experienced a herd of bison running straight toward you and your child, with nowhere safe to get out of the way? It is a uniquely terrifying experience, let me tell you.  A moment when you most definitely know you are alive, and are quickly assessing avenues to ensure you and your offspring remain that way.

This pandemic experience sort of feels the same to me. True – it is not a matter of split seconds before the impending impact of mountains of hide, muscle and hooves. The virus is invisible. We do not know when it will strike us, our friends or loved ones. But the speed of change with this pandemic, both social and economic, has been a whirlwind. And we have no idea where our safe havens reside or what the future will bring.
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How Emotional Intelligence Improves Well-being and Belonging


What do well being and belonging have in common?

Turns out they are both supported by increased levels of emotional intelligence. Interesting, I think, how so many aspects of our lives benefit from understanding and knowing our selves better.

Click here for my interview on The Legal Executive Institute blog on just this topic. Its a quick 1 minute read.
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Creating Innovation that Serves Your Success


When you hear the word innovation what comes to mind?
What do you picture?

Usually when we think of innovation people immediately assume that we are talking about technology. There is good reason for that, of course, technology is rapidly changing the practice of law and our everyday lives. Beware to the law firm or practitioner who does not keep pace.

The word innovation, though, is much broader than simply technology. To innovate is to change how something is done through the introduction of a new method, idea, process or product.
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