Creating Innovation that Serves Your Success


When you hear the word innovation what comes to mind?
What do you picture?

Usually when we think of innovation people immediately assume that we are talking about technology. There is good reason for that, of course, technology is rapidly changing the practice of law and our everyday lives. Beware to the law firm or practitioner who does not keep pace.

The word innovation, though, is much broader than simply technology. To innovate is to change how something is done through the introduction of a new method, idea, process or product.

Thinking Outside the Innovation Box

One of the most innovative approaches to take in law (or any business) is to strengthen your team’s soft skills. I know, just the mention of “soft skills” make many roll their eyes. Yet, in my experience, when provided an opportunity to learn and understand the power behind such a concept and tools, most are eager to learn and implement these practices. Most of us simply do not know what we do not know.

Check your attitude and fear of the unknown at the door. Open your mind to the possibility that developing soft skills for you and your team is a game changer.

It begins with you as a leader understanding how you communicate and how you are perceived. What sort of culture and climate are you promoting in your firm? Does it fully support your strategic goals? If you have a higher turnover than optimal perhaps not.

Start to think outside the box about how you can elevate your practice simply by implementing leadership and influence building strategies. Teach your team through example how to communicate and listen more effectively so that clients know and understand the value you bring to the engagement. Help your talent engage and contribute. Streamline project management through enhanced communication. New technology will only support your vision so far. The biggest obstacles to improved functionality and sustainable success lie in the human component of your practice.

People Drive Business

Soft skills are people management skills. People are what drive business. Emotions drive people. So learn to influence how people interact and relate to you and your practice. Invest in building these skillsets and you will move your practice forward and strengthen your bottom line.

The biggest worries for most individuals whether they are leaders or new attorneys is their ability to relate to and effectively communicate with those they seek to influence and serve. Namely, their clients. Yes, we are advocates and want to influence the judges and opposing parties in a transactional negotiation. However, if we are honest, the people we really want to impress with our skills and get to like us so they keep coming back are our clients. And, of course, those clients are located both inside and outside the firm.

How Developed Is Your EQ?

How strong are your soft skills? Do you know, objectively? What are your strengths? Are you an optimist? Do you understand and know your emotional patterns? How skilled are you at controlling your responses when triggered? All of these and more come under the rubric of soft skills relating to emotional intelligence.

Unless you do not get out much, you know that emotional intelligence has been shown to be a much better indicator of overall success in life than IQ. That is not what we were taught growing up. Right? But it is true. All those years of striving for achievement and the gold star rating.

Yes, you need to be excellent at your craft but that includes and can no longer overlook the skills that assist you to create avenues of influence and strong positive relationships. Relationships that add to your firm’s bottom line as well as your own personal happiness quotient.

Give me a call or click here to get on my schedule and let’s see how I can help you and your team raise your soft skill quotient. It is time to innovate and increase your relational EQ skills.

Success is a team sport. You don’t have to do this alone.