Our Mission at Elite Lawyer Coaching

We exist to help lawyers, law firms and in-house legal departments succeed with tools that promote leadership, teamwork, and well-being. Implementation of these tools and practices brings a competitive advantage to firms in the realms of law firm climate and culture, talent development and retention, as well as client retention. Individuals thrive, avoiding burn out and creating sustainable success.

Collaboration, effective teams, and strong compassionate leadership strengthen competitive advantage, innovation, and advocacy.

The science is in and we know that as a profession and as individuals you can develop practices that promote innovation, superior advocacy, meaningful engagement, well-being, and profitability. We help you and your team do just that to create an environment that promotes participation and success.

The law as a profession needs to change. The old status quo is no longer sustainable. As you know, lawyers face elevated levels of depression, anxiety, divorce, substance abuse, alcoholism and suicide. Law firms face an increasingly competitive marketplace with talent retention, client acquisition and retention, and, of course, the never ending pressure of increasing Profits Per Partner. Change is the one constant. And, that change is happening fast.

How do top lawyers and management effectively address change and step into the legal future in a sustainable, profitable manner that promotes well-being?

Smart, effective leadership proactively chooses to learn new tools for success both within their firms, their individual practices, and, ultimately, their lives. We help you do just that so that you can effectively lead and create the practice and firm environment you envision.

Step into your future and embrace change. Let’s have a conversation about how we can possibly assist in your success. Remember, success is a team sport.